Episode 11: Tobi Delbrück

Photo Credit: ETH Zurich

In this episode Sunny talks to Dr Tobi Delbrück, one of the original neuromorphic engineers from Carver Mead’s team at Caltech. Now a professor at the Institute of Neuroinformatics in Zurich, he has spent his career developing neuromorphic cameras and other technology. You’ll find out how he got started in the field, his work developing the dynamic vision sensor, also known as an event camera, and the pros and cons of sparse representations. Discussion follows with Giulia and Ralph.

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Producer/Writer/Editor: Sunny Bains
Co-hosts: Sunny Bains and Giulia D’Angelo
Commentator: Ralph Etienne-Cummings
Audio Production: Melvin Taylor, Coupe Studios Music and Sound Design
Music: 3 of Diamonds by Matt Harris

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